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PostSubject: Burning time   Burning time EmptyWed Jul 08, 2009 3:40 am

Ok so i wrote up an entire list of useful crap, then accidently close the tap when switching over, losing all of it.
Evil or Very Mad Mad Shocked Sad Crying or Very sad Suspect

SO i have to do the whole thing over again.

First off, i found a guide to help everyone get their language quests done, if they chose to.

The guide is here:

I also found a complete list of Lore and Legends quests, listed in order by Level

Found here:

Lastly, since i couldnt think of anything else, i found a great timeline of all the dungeons we can do

Take a look:

Well thats about it.

The other guide was way longer, but like i said, it got erased. It really ticked me off lol.

Jim, about that question with Sony Station Cash, the credits used to get in-game items, i found your answer.

500SC - $5
1,000SC - $10
2,000SC - $20

and so on, and so forth.

However, i'm not really sure its worth it for some appearence gear.

Most all of it cost around 1,000SC a set, so thats $10 you could be spending on somthing else, like your subscription.

But if you really want to buy some, heres how.

go to

From there, click account management at the top. (NOT any of the dropdowns)

After logging in, youll see at option at the bottom that says "Station Cash Balance".

Im sure you've got it from there.

And Mike, i found out that the black and silver armor set is actually bought with 1,000SC.

Yeah, its a bummer Crying or Very sad

Well, thats all i could think of, for now atleast.

If anyone needs a question answered, ive got time during the day, and im sure i could find an answer for you.

Now go back to work and stop surfing the forums tongue

Or watch this: